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I’m very happy to officially announce that I’ll be the assistant managing editor for Emory’s digital, peer-reviewed journal Southern Spaces starting this fall semester. I’ve been with the journal for a few years now–short a year-long fieldwork hiatus–and am thrilled to be back.

We have some exciting developments in the works this year. Emory has joined the Library Publishing Coalition, a consortium of over 50 university libraries who are interested in how to “better serve the scholarly communication needs of the academic community, through sustainable, innovative library publishing solutions aligned with institutional missions.” We’re looking forward to working with the LPC and learning more about the exciting initiatives going on at other institutions. (If you want to know more about their work, check out the Library Publication Toolkit, a *free* publication from the IDS Project Press.)

2014 will also mark a decade of Southern Spaces. It’s an exciting time to be on staff! (Here’s hoping for party hats.)

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