Fall 2013

Atlanta’s just beginning to shed its blanket of humidity, and fall 2013 is shaping up to be fantastic–if not a bit exhausting. Here’s where I’ll be for the next couple of months:

October 4-6: I’m honored to join Imagining America this year as a PAGE fellow (Publicly Active Graduate Education) this year. The PAGE program aims to rethink how graduate education can be more publicly engaged, and I’ll be meeting up with my amazing co-fellows (seriously, they’re phenomenal!) at the Imagining America conference in Syracuse, New York.

October 16-18: Thanks to the NEH’s generous support, I’ll be headed to College Park, Maryland to take part in the Digital Humanities Data Curation Institute. I’m thrilled to learn more about building sustainable digital projects; data curation has become a bit of a passion (obsession?) of mine, since I think a lot about cultural heritage and how to preserve intangible histories.

November 21-24: I’ll be at the annual American Studies Association meeting in Washington, D.C. for a panel on public histories of dissent. I’m quite excited to join my co-panelists, Dr. Ben Railton from Fitchburg State, the University of Southern Maine’s Dr. Eve Raimon, and Lucy Malroney from Syracuse for our panel about how museums, archives, and public sites engage histories of dissent. Dr. Micki McElya will serve as our chair and commentator. The ASA is always a thought-provoking, reinvigorating (and fun!) conference, and I’m looking forward to our discussion.

Whew. Stop by if you’re in the area, and best wishes for a great fall!

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