“We’ve been promised some computers”

I’ve spent part of today procrastinating from packing boxes by reading through Darius Kazemi’s latest project, Scenes from The Wire. It’s a kind of meditation on fandom and meme generation; basically, Darius created a bot that grabs random scenes from seasons 1 and 2 of The Wire, puts in subtitles, and makes animated gifs from the results. I’ve followed Darius’s work for awhile now (his ClickBait project is a devastatingly funny take-down of the awfulness that is, well, click-bait) but I’m particularly fond of this project.

Since Southern Spaces is about to move into the newly reorganized Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, this one feels a bit apropos:
We've been promised some computers animated gif
Well worth an evening’s perusal.

(In all seriousness, though, the ECDS folks have been fabulous so far, and we’re really looking forward to being a part of that space. Thanks, ECDS!)

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